Meet the mumpreneur: Finn Hynes of The Kind Twine Co. 5 years ago

Meet the mumpreneur: Finn Hynes of The Kind Twine Co.

As an expat in Sydney, Finn Hynes would often find herself trawling Irish gift sites seeking gifts to send friends and family back home, be it for someone celebrating a milestone or going through difficult times.

Often, for the lack of something more personal or tailored available, she would end up resorting to sending a bouquet of flowers or a hamper filled with wine or chocolate.

"But these types of gifts aren't always the right things," Hynes explains. "They often feel very impersonal. For example, when one relative was in hospital, I spent a fortune on flowers but still felt they weren't thoughtful or personal enough - and would likely be a burden on her transporting them home. What's more, I've since learned that a lot of hospitals don't even allow flowers on the wards - so they're not even practical in most cases."

An idea was born

It was only last year, after six years spent living in Sydney, that Finn and her husband returned to Ireland, dual citizenships, amazing memories and two toddler sons richer. It seemed the perfect time to take a leap into something new.

"Having spent a decade as a tax lawyer in a busy role, I decided the move back to Ireland was a natural break in my career," Hynes explains. "And with two toddlers, I needed something more flexible time-wise than my "9 to crazy o'clock" corporate job."

Having heard about the explosion of entrepreneurs in Ireland during their time living in Australia, when she returned last year, Hynes was blown away by all the amazing small businesses making high quality, innovative products right here in Ireland. As for what business she wanted to start, the mum-of-two already had an idea.

"I decided that whatever business I started, it had to be focused on physical and mental well-being and positivity. I have always loved nostalgic packaging and the promise of a brown parcel wrapped in twine and ribbon. I get so excited when I feel I’ve chosen the perfect gift for someone and I get a buzzy feeling when they open it up - it's like I'm getting the gift myself."


And with that, The Kind Twine Co was born.

 Starting a business

One of the first things Hynes set out doing was sourcing products to fill her gift boxes with. "I spent months meeting with so many inspiring small businesses and business owners along the way. And then I needed to get the packaging right. It took time, but it was worth it. It is an amazing feeling to know that I have started a business that makes people be kind and feel good."

The Kind Twine Co serves customers both in Ireland and abroad and features products from many small Irish and European businesses.

"The boxes help the recipient feel special and cared for, and allows the sender to conveniently gift something that is far more thoughtful and personal than just flowers or a bottle of wine."

As for starting a business when you also have two young children, Hynes admits it was intense, but not all that dissimilar to what she had been doing for the past 10 years.

"Once I had the idea, I just put my project management hat on and ran with it. During my legal career, when I've taken on a project, I've been involved in setting goals, managing other people, reporting, delivering and so forth. It's no different now - except I set the goals for myself. And, once that particular goal is delivered, give myself a high five."


Care and creativity

One of the biggest joys of starting her business, to Hynes, was the feeling that she was re-activating her creative side – something which had been more or less switched off for years.

"As a startup with a limited budget, I've had to get creative and I quickly realised how much I've missed using that side of my brain," she explains. "For example, I was big into calligraphy as a kid and I got to attend a calligraphy workshop recently so I can write even more unique handwritten gift cards for my customers."

As well as finding her creative flair, the mum-of-two is also grateful for now having a job that lets her have more time with her young children. "I also feel I'm a positive female role model for my boys - to see their mum working hard and putting something good out into the world.

 The future

As for where she sees her company going, Hynes has already set her sights even higher.


"I've so many ideas and potential ways I can help people send thoughtful gifts," she explains. "I'm not one to do things by half and I have been known to get impatient at (all) times. It's been a lesson in itself for me to learn to prioritise what makes sense for the business at a given time and take little steps."

But there are next steps, for sure.

"Once I've cut my teeth as an online retailer, I'd like to offer corporate gifting. With my experience in small and large corporate offices, and having been an office manager myself, I feel I have insight and can help companies gift their staff and clients in thoughtful, unique ways."

The Kind Twine Co

Based in Wicklow, The Kind Twine Co ( ) have created a collection of men's and women's gift boxes and care packages for delivery to Ireland & the UK.  An alternative to fussy hampers and designed to promote wellness in body and soul, their beautifully-wrapped keepsake gift boxes are filled with quality natural products sourced from independent Irish and European businesses.

They offer:

Care packages for hospital stays or recovery at home
Gift boxes for baby showers, for new mums, or just for baby
Send-a-Smile gift boxes to send your thoughts
Men's gift boxes
Bespoke gift boxes

You can also include a complimentary handwritten notecard from sender with each gift.

The Kind Twine Co are delighted to include treats from inspiring Irish businesses including Brooke & Shoals, Dr Coys, The Handmade Soap Company, Dublin Herbalists and Bia Beauty.