It's a mess! Dad shares hilarious story of baba's incident with poo 6 years ago

It's a mess! Dad shares hilarious story of baba's incident with poo

In the world of babies and kids, there will be poop – lots of poop.

But most of the time, that’s the only poop you’d expect to have to deal with. But ah, the world of parenting brings with it many extraordinary surprises.

While minding the kids, all parents know that pretty much anything can happen – those bundles of joy just keep scurrying for hours while the rest of us can only try to keep up.

When dad Clint Edwards was on minding duty, all seemed well. His eldest daughter Norah spotted some dog poo in the garden but before he could get to cleaning it up, his 3-year-old daughter Aspen had smeared it all over her older sister.


During the little ones attempt to flee the scene, she fell and cut open her knee. The writer and blogger dad knew he had to hold her, even though she was a yucky mess.

In the hilarious Facebook post he wrote telling the story, dad said,

“Suddenly I was faced with a decision. Leave her on the ground and forget that I have a daughter. Or pick her up and comfort her, all while most likely getting dog poop on me.”

Although dad was “crying on the inside,” after the ordeal he wrote what every parent can relate to.

“No one gave me an award. Chances are she won’t even remember this moment. But I know I did the right thing.”

“So, if you are knee deep in poop, my fellow parents, I see you. I respect you.”

Let’s hope poor Norah got cleaned up too!