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17th Jul 2023

Are millennial parents too sensitive? One mum questions how other generations parented

Ellen Fitzpatrick

One mum has questioned whether others think that millennials who are now parents have become too sensitive in their techniques.

Millennial parents are the latest to be raising a generation of little humans, and as they do, new parenting techniques start to be introduced.

One mum on her parenting journey, however, noticed that other mums in her position are having conversations about the difficulty of being a mum.

Revealing she has had endless conversations about how kids annoy them, how they need their own space, and feeling overstimulated, she has noticed the trend in parents who may have only one or two children.

The mum is now wondering how mothers of previous generations who had up to six children or more coped without ever complaining about the same things.

Taking to Reddit, she asked fellow mums why they think this was – or if it was just because millennials are having children later in life.

She wrote: “Are us millennial moms just complaining more because we had kids later in life? Is having a more involved partner letting us be aware of our needs? I spent one-weekend solo parenting my 3.5 year old and I couldn’t stand him by Sunday.”

In the comments, one mum said that there is more pressure put on millennials to keep up.

They said: “I think moms in past generations had better boundaries and more independent children so there was less overwhelm per child. A birthday cake and pin the tail on the donkey vs millennial moms throwing Instagram-worthy wedding-level extravaganzas for 5th birthday parties.”

Another said that grandparents’ input to parenting has changed and is not the same as it was for past generations.

They wrote: “One of the biggest differences I see in my community of mom friends is lack of help/support from grandparents. I grew up with a grandma who was almost like a second mom to me. All of my child’s grandparents are still working and busy with their own lives. They see my son maybe once every 10-14 days and my in-laws live 10 minutes away.”