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26th Mar 2022

Mother’s Day: 10 meaningful ways to spend time with your mum this year

Trine Jensen-Burke

how to spend quality time with your mum

For the past two years, so many of us have not been able to see and hug and spend much time with the people that we love the most.

For many of us, it was weeks and maybe even months without seeing our mothers, and living in a different country from my own mum, I know I was counting down minutes and days throughout all the lockdowns until I could hug her again.

Hanging out with my mum is one of my very favourite things to do, and I think if there is one thing these past couple of years have made me realise, it’s that when it comes to Mother’s Day ‘gifts’ I would so much rather focus on being and doing rather than buying and shopping.

Soaking up time with those we love trumps everything, and so instead of focusing on what we can buy someone to show how much we love them, let’s refocus on what we can do with them, for them and alongside them.

So just because tomorrow is Mother’s Day, here are 10 easy ways to spend quality, meaningful time with our mothers – because mums are the best!

1. Go for walks

Is there anything better than taking a walk with your mum and getting to chat about all that is right and wrong in the world? We think not! And even if you live too far apart to take walks together, make a plan to take a walk and chat on the phone with your mum as you are doing so – and maybe she could do the same!

2. Visit a spa together

Book in for some TLC with your mum! Few things beat getting to lounge around in robes, and being pampered together!

3. Get her to help you make some family photo albums

These days, few of us print photos and they are all just left in your phone … where no-one gets to see them and reminiscent about lovely days and fun times!

Get your mum to help you as you try making an album – or photo book – with treasured memories from trips together, family holidays and even Christmases gone by. Even better – gather lots of old photos too, and make a family scrapbook!

4. Get her to teach you to make your favourite childhood recipe or treat

What a beautiful way to keep family traditions alive. We bet all mums have some recipes they would love to share and the best bit? You get to sit down together and eat it afterwards!

5. Plant a Garden

I love the idea of having plants and veggies growing out of quality time together. Gardening or starting a vegetable patch together is such a beautiful way to spend time together, and will be a project you can both get stuck into.

6. Start a book club

If you and your mum both love to read, this is a great idea and will give you tons to talk about as you dissect the book of the week! If you fancy it, you could always ask other mum/daughter duos to come join your club too.

7. Sign up for a class or course together

This will fuel your creativity and encourage you both to try something new. Learn a new language, skill or craft. Sign up for baking classes, or join the local pilates studio – it doesn’t really matter what it is that you do, as long as you are going it together.

8. Go shopping

We are all well sick of our lockdown wardrobes at this stage. So make a day out of it when shops open again, and take your mum out for a joint shopping trip – and don’t forget to head somewhere lovely for lunch too!

9. Go out for monthly dinners – just you two

Leave everyone else at home – this is special mommy/daughter dinner time!

10. Take a trip together

What could be more fun than a weekend away with your mum? Get the travel magazines and blogs out, read up on travel reviews, restaurant recommendations and compare notes … which city will you travel to first? Can you make the trip a yearly occurrence – one where you get to visit one new place every year with your mum? We think it sounds like the most amazing way to spend a weekend ever!