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25th Mar 2022

17 Tweets that hilariously capture the reality of Mother’s Day


Ahh, Mother’s Day.

A day of rest and relaxation. A day where the sun shines a little bit brighter. A day where you sleep in ‘til late afternoon and wake to the sound of a birds’ chorus, only to be lovingly served breakfast in bed with a tea-or-coffee of your preference.

*Record scratch* Yeah, right.

Any actual mother knows the expectation and reality of Mother’s Day are two very different things.

And while we appreciate our family’s best efforts, we all know this day isn’t quite as tranquil as a Hallmark verse makes it out to be.

But hey, that doesn’t stop us from getting a giggle out of it. Here are our favourite tweets that hilariously capture the reality of Mother’s Day.

1. “I’m the only one who does anything around this house!”

2. One for the boy mams.

3. Mayday! Mayday!

4. Once bitten…

5. We don’t ask for much.

6. Mother’s One Single Bathroom Break in Peace.

7. Thanks, I almost forgot what your finger prints look like.

8. It’s like waking up from a nice dream…

9. It’s called self-care.

10. And the Oscar goes to…

11. Keeping us humble.

12. Might as well choose death.

13. You shouldn’t have…

14. Adore me but also please don’t call me or speak to me or look at me for the next 24 hours, thanks.

15. Sounds ominous…

16. It’s the thought that counts.

17. The fairytale is over for another year.