Mum accused of 'abuse' for breastfeeding and co-sleeping with her baby son 9 months ago

Mum accused of 'abuse' for breastfeeding and co-sleeping with her baby son

Her own mum is making the accusations.

A mum has turned to the internet for advice after her mum has repeatedly accused her of being "abusive" to her son.

The woman explained that her mum made the cruel accusations because she breastfeeds her 11-month-old son and co-sleeps with him.

Heartbroken and distraught by her mum's words, the woman turned to Mumsnet for advice and support.

She began:

"My DM [dear mother] has repeatedly called me an abusive parent.

"She is horrified that I co-sleep with my 11 month old, and thinks he should be in nursery.

"She said I need to 'separate' myself from him and that its 'abusive' to keep him relying on me.

"She was also having a go at me for breastfeeding too much as he was slow weaning, but he eats a lot now.

"When I get upset when she haves a go at me, then she calls me "abusive" again for getting upset in front of the baby.

"I'm a lone parent working p/t nights from home, and me and my baby are very happy.

"I just don't know how she can casually use such language. Its really upsetting me."

And it didn't take long for people on the parenting forum to rally around the mum-of-one - and for the boy's grandmother to feel their wrath.

One person said:

"I'd honestly tell her to back the f**k off. He’s still a baby! Do what you’re doing"

Another wrote:

"There IS an abusive mother in your family. Hint - it's not you."

Someone else commented:

"Next time she says anything of the sort literally tell her to f**k off."

A different person bluntly added:

"Tell her to f**k off and refuse to speak to her."

Basically, there was a clear theme to the advice she was getting.

Others offered more measured words of advice to the mum, with some people re-assuring her.

One parent wrote:

"She's trying to bully you into doing it her way.

"Tell her it's none of her business. She's not exactly someone to listen to if she thinks it's OK to have a go at you until you cry and then berate you further for being upset."

Another added:

"You sound like a lovely caring parent OP who is getting along very well with motherhood.

"Don't let your cruel bitter 'D'M get to you. This needs nipping in the bud now so DC doesn't witness this toxic relationship between you and 'D'M."