Mum asks for advice after daughter's friend plans to see boy she met online 1 year ago

Mum asks for advice after daughter's friend plans to see boy she met online

What would you do in this situation?

In this world of online technology, we all have to be careful about what our children are getting up to on the internet. A mum has asked for advice after she found out that one of her daughter's friends was planning to meet a boy she met online.

The children are only aged 12-years-old and she wants to know if she should tell the other parent.

She wrote:

"My dd is approaching 12 and about to start secondary school. 2 days ago I saw a message on her locked phone screen from one of her friends saying she was going to meet somebody.

"When I questioned my daughter she informed me that her friend was going to meet up with a boy she had been talking too online. The friend has never met him before. I spoke to my daughter and explained it is a very dangerous thing to do and that I will inform the friends Mum if she does go to meet him.

"Daughter spoke to her friend later that day and informed me that friend had changed her mind. Fast forward to just now, another friend has told my dd that first friend is going to meet the boy tomorrow. Do I got and inform the mother even though I don't know her? I would want someone to come tell me."

Everyone in the thread was very adamant that she should tell the mum just in case something happened.


One said:

"I would definitely tell her. If my child was planning this I would want to know. I also couldn’t live with myself if something happened and I knew about her plans."

While another wrote:

"Definitely tell her. The fact that your daughter has told you her friend is meeting this boy rather than covering for her shows that she is worried too. Mom definitely needs to know."

We have to be so safe about our children's online presence and it's always beneficial to have a catch up with them from time to time and monitor everything they do.