Mum blogger has a BRILLIANT message for all stay at home mothers 2 years ago

Mum blogger has a BRILLIANT message for all stay at home mothers

YES to this.

It pains us to say it but some people, for whatever reason, are of the opinion that being at home with your children instead of working outside the home is 'easy'.

Now what gives those people the right to make such assumptions is beyond us but it's extremely rage-inducing all the same.

Now, before I go on a complete rant about this issue, let me introduce Casey Huff, a parenting blogger who has strong views on people who use the term 'just' in relation to stay at home mums.

As a mum, there can be times when you feel as though you're being taken for granted and that's why Casey's words truly resonate.

"Anyone who puts the word 'just' in front of your job title simply doesn’t understand, they don't realize what being 'just' a stay-at-home mom is all about. They probably don't realize that although you love this job and you CHOSE this job, that doesn't discount how tough it is".

The above paragraph, we truly love it and how straight from the heart her words are.


Casey, a stay at home mum herself, goes on to say:

"When you’re defeated; when you’re beaten down and misunderstood, thinking to yourself, “They just don’t get it”; Well Mama, you’re probably right. They don’t get it. It’s an exclusive club, this Stay-at-Home-Mom thing. It’s a reality that is hard to see clearly from the outside looking in.

"But I want you to know something. I want you to know that I SEE YOU. I want you to know that I’m here with you, too, Mama. I want you to know that there are others all around the world that are right… here… with… you".

Hear, hear.

Casey is an 'elementary teacher turned stay-at-home-mom and freelance blogger' who shares 'laughes, memories and lessons learned' on her website Etched From Home.

She shared the powerful message to all stay at home mums on her personal blog originally before it was featured on popular parenting Facebook page Her View From Home where it received a huge reaction.