Mum does breastfeeding free-bleeding yoga and the photos are insane 4 years ago

Mum does breastfeeding free-bleeding yoga and the photos are insane

What a woman.

Carlee Benear is a mum from Texas.

She's also somebody who practises breastfeeding, free-bleeding yoga though, so she's not exactly your run-of-the-mill mum-of-three.

Take a look at Carlee's Instagram page, 'CarleeBYogo,' and you'll be struck by a few different things.

The first is that the woman has some serious yoga skills, an insane body, and the ability to balance in a lot of positions that leave us writhing in pain just thinking about them.

The second is that her kids seem to absolutely love that their mum practices yoga while they're running about.

However, Carlee's yoga is a little bit different in that she doesn't just whip out a mat and do a few (very impressive) handstands.


She breastfeeds while she's doing it. And free-bleeds too.

If you're not familiar with the concept of free-bleeding, it involves menstruating freely, eg; without the use of tampons, sanitary towels, Mooncups, or anything or product.

Many women practice free-bleeding because they believe it makes them more in tune with their bodies, happier, and because they simply don't think that their periods are something that should be covered up or 'cleaned.'

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In Carlee's case, she has said that she doesn't want to adhere to what society "shoves down our throats."

In an Instagram post shared earlier this year, the mum wrote:

"Goddess forbid we even talk about our periods in public… everything must be smothered in white and kept perfectly clean and hidden."

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Carlee also said that practising yoga has allowed her to menstruate more comfortably too.

She shared a list of things that women's periods "do not have to be like."

"Bloated, icky, uncomfortable, shameful, traumatic, dirty, hidden, crampy & PMS-y, intolerable, irregular, heavy, hormonally out of control, full of mood swings and uncontrollable junk food or sugar cravings."