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25th Jun 2019

Mum claims parents who pack lunches ‘suck all enjoyment out of life’

Keeley Ryan

A mum has started a huge debate after claiming parents who pack lunches for a day out “suck all enjoyment out of life”.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she had recently gone to a theme park with a friend and that she had been “fully prepared” to buy lunch when they got there.

However, when she arrived to pick up her friend, she was standing there with a bag full of homemade sandwiches and packet of crips each.

The woman continued:

“I was grateful, of course, for the time effort and money on her part but I couldn’t help feeling a little dissapointed – what’s the harm in buying food out?

“Its always been the case that I can’t help but feel a little sad when I see families on a day out at a theme park, zoo for example, sat on a bench eating (warm?) sandwhcihes wrapped in foil with a fruit shoot.

“I had the type of childhood where this was common place – packed lunch for every occasion, no need to eat out becaus there was ‘food at home’ or it was ‘too expensive’ (despite no money worries) etc so I suppose it’s kind of stuck with me and I don’t want that kind of life.

“Am I being unreasonable to think that if you can afford a day at the zoo etc, then spending a little bit extra on some food is no big deal?

“Am I being unreasonable to think that life is too short to spend time making a sand which/salad to take on a day out, when really you can just spend a bit of extra money and have the hassle taken away? It just seems so strange to me and as though people try and suck all enjoyment out of life.”

Other users on the parenting forum were shocked by her “weird perspective”, and quick to point out that she was definitely being unreasonable.

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One parent said:

“That’s a weird perspective. There is plenty of joy in a day out even with a packed lunch!”

Someone else pointed out:

“Maybe your friend doesn’t find it a hassle. Maybe she is temporarily short of money. Maybe she had half a loaf of bread that needed using up.

“I agree it’s nice to have a treat of lunch out sometimes, or whenever you can, but it’s not feasible for everyone all the time! You are being unreasonable to think life is too short to make your own food.”

Another person wrote:

“We can only afford trips the the zoo etc because we take a packed lunch with us. Just because you can afford the extras it doesn’t mean everyone else can.”