Mum confession: 3 easy parenting hacks that have made my life a whole lot easier 2 years ago

Mum confession: 3 easy parenting hacks that have made my life a whole lot easier

Being a parent is hard.

Now, we're not saying it isn't amazing and fun and the best thing ever, but let's admit it is also full-on. A run-before-you-can-walk kind of experience, where most of us just find ourselves trying to survive and hang on for dear life.

Which is why we think every little trick designed to make it easier is much appreciated, no matter how small. And why we think it is important that we all share them with each other as we come across them – because after all, we are all in these trenches together.

Just to get you all started on sharing some of your favourite parenting hacks, here are three we recently came across:

1. Keep the kids from locking doors

Kids got a habit of locking themselves in the bathroom. No more. Keep a door unlocked by simply using a rubber band.

You can find more information on this trick here.


2. Medicine On A Lollipop

Getting kids to take their medicine can be a bit of a headache as we all know. Which is why this trick really is all sorts of genius.

Just dip a small lollipop in the medicine and let the child lick/suck it each time you dip it. When the medicine's gone, they can finish the lollipop.

3. Clean Cup Holders

Having only just cleaned out my car and marvelled at just how gross and disgustingly dirty the backseat was, this hacks seems like quite the godsend.

Crumbs and stickiness will now become a thing of the past (at least as far as my cup holders are concerned).

Have YOU got any next level parenting/life hacks you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments.