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10th Oct 2018

Mum doesn’t know how to handle ‘clingy’ 7-month-old

Olivia Hayes

We feel it from time to time.

Some children will want to stay with you for all hours of the day. Others are fine on their own (for a while). It all just depends on the child.

However, for the former it can be difficult to actually get anything done. Housework. Seeing friends. Cooking. Eating.

That’s this mum’s problem. She took to Mumsnet to explain that she feels like she’s a “hostage” to her baby as it cries whenever she’s out of sight.

She said:

“I have a 7 month old daughter and she is holding me hostage! If I leave the room she cry’s until she’s sick. I’ve tried everything and can’t find a way of not being with her for every minute of every day.

“I know they say housework can wait but I can’t even do the simplest task without a massive crying fit. This is compounded by the fact she refuses to nap. She will go to bed at 7pm and sleep soundly for 12 hours but for the 12 hours she’s awake I am shackled to her.

“I know this sounds like I don’t enjoy being with her. I do, I love her but can’t hold her for 12 hours (hubby works 7 till 7) Any advice will be appreciated.”

Many mums replied to her with advice on how to handle the situation. One said:

“My DD was exactly the same. In the end I used to sit her in a walker or a bouncer so she had full view of were I was or if I was doing the dishes or washing I’d sit her in the high chair with some fruit and she was quite happy she could see me and stuff her face. Worth a try!! She’s 14 months and still the same when we’re at home.”

While another wrote:

“My DD is the same age and won’t let me out of her sight either! I have various chairs/safe seats for her around the house and I just take her with me when I need to go in a different room.

“I save hoovering/stripping beds/bins etc for when DH is home in the evening and any big cleaning until the weekends so he can do them or hold her while I do them.

“I have special objects that she only has when I need her to be occupied ie in the kitchen she gets to hold my big cooking spoons etc when she’s in her high chair.

“The other thing that’s good is a few little bits of food (like tiny bits of avocado or cheese) scattered on her tray so that she can spend ages picking them up and eating them while I do the dishwasher, older kids lunchboxes, dinner etc.”

What would your advice be?