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11th Dec 2017

Mum explains why she’s not up for having sex and it’s spot on

'Because she was vomited on after completing her weekly hair wash.'

Anna O'Rourke

Mums don’t always have time for the things they used to before they had kids.

Just ask this mum blogger who has hilariously explained why having kids means she’s not always up for getting jiggy.

Laura Mazza of Mum On The Run has two small children, Luca and Sofia, and a third on the way.

In an open letter shared on Facebook last week, she details exactly why mums aren’t always in the mood – and pretty much hits the nail on the head

It begins, “Dear husband, this is why your wife doesn’t want to be touched in bed tonight.”

“Because She was vomited on after completing her weekly hair wash.

“Because she was touched excessively by young people who have seriously sticky fingers. Even her eyeballs were touched today.

“Because while she was thrilled to go and do a poo from her morning coffee, her children came in and tried to see what was in the toilet bowl and throw their toys down there.”

“Because she finally had time to herself and tried to shave her legs and her hoohaaa but instead was interrupted by a toddler who wanted to come in the bath, who wanted to pee, who wanted to know where daddy was because daddy is better and I love daddy and not you…”

She concludes by telling her husband that he might get lucky tomorrow “unless the children wake over night. Then you can assume tomorrow is a no too.”

You can check out the entire post here.