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29th Jun 2021

Mum gets real about why she lets her daughter curse

Kat O'Connor

Do you agree?

Cursing as a kid just wasn’t okay when I was small. Even daring to say ‘feck’ was risky, but one mum has recently opened up about why she allows her daughter to curse.

She explained why she has no issue with her little girl cursing and we’re here for just how wonderfully honest she is!

The mum said cursing does not have any consequences in her home, much to the surprise of her friends and family, but she asked, “isn’t parenting hard enough?”

Her husband often curses and it is something their daughter has picked up on, “It would be hypocritical to hold our child to a standard that neither of us adheres to.”

She shared with CafeMom: “She understands that while curse words are acceptable in our own home, they might not be welcome or well-tolerated in other settings.”

Educating their daughter about curse words and why people use them is one thing the couple are extremely serious about. They’d rather teach her about cursing and why people use curse words now rather than hear about them from her peers at school.

“When our daughter inevitably encounters words that truly are unacceptable, for example, racial slurs and other derogatory terms, we take comfort knowing that her pre-existing knowledge of the impact that words can have will help her to understand more specifically why those kinds of words truly have no place being spoken,” the mum shared.

Alissa stressed that parenting is hard enough without having to worry about something that our children will eventually be exposed to. Mums are shamed for far too many reasons as it is so isn’t it time to take the shame away from this issue?

“In a world where mothers can be shamed for practically any reason, let’s not let our children’s occasional swearing be one of them.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Alissa?