One mum is giving her daughter an incredible 1st birthday gift: her liver 6 years ago

One mum is giving her daughter an incredible 1st birthday gift: her liver

Still aged just 22, Shannon Maguire has three gorgeous kids - whom, understandably, take up much of her time and energy.

But Shannon's youngest, Liberty, is also desperately ill with liver disease: she was born without a gallbladder and transplant surgery last December proved unsuccessful when her body rejected the new organ.

The little girl, who will celebrate her first birthday later this month, weighs only 15lbs and cannot sit-up without help.

Now her mum has made an extraordinary decision: worried that a new organ donor will come too late for Liberty, she wants doctors to perform a painful three-hour operation to remove part of her own liver - which can be then given to her daughter.

Based in Gloucestershire in south-west England, Shannon told "Some parents have been waiting two years for a transplant and I don't want to risk that for Lib.

"A related, live donor will be better for her and give her the best chance of a future."

She added that although her youngest daughter is currently stable, "everything can change very quickly". She furthermore highlighted that further surgery could prove complicated and risky for Liberty.


"Obviously I'm scared," Shannon said of her own "very painful" operation. "And I am in a difficult position because I have two other children back home."

Her mother, Lorraine Maguire, helps look after Dekota, four, and two-year-old Demlie while Liberty is undergoing treatment - treatment which sees her in semi-isolation. She is also being fed through a tube to build up her strength for the operation.

Taking to Facebook recently, Shannon said she wanted to publicise her family's plight in order to raise awareness. She is also asking for people "to please sign the organ donation register". She added: "Organ donation is a good thing and can save many children/adult lives."

Another heartbreaking post read: "Wish my princess didn't have to go through this just want this all over with now and back home were we all belong. Can't believe my princess is going to be one in 3 weeks time goes so fast but I'm so happy my baby girl has fighted and will be able to enjoy her first birthday she's so so strong I'm so proud of her."

Shannon continued by saying she was going to throw a party for Liberty on May 21, adding: "Let's make my precious little girl's birthday special as she deserves the world."

You can find out more about organ donation here.