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23rd Jun 2022

Mum goes viral after taking her toddler to a job interview

Kat O'Connor

Just look at that suit!

We can all agree that job interviews can be nerve-wracking at the best of times. The build-up to the meeting fills our stomachs with butterflies and we’re so nervous we may as well have had 10 cups of coffee that morning.

One mum, who lost her job during the pandemic, was faced with quite the tricky situation ahead of a very important job interview.

She couldn’t find anyone to take care of her son.

Luckily, the company she was interviewing with let her bring him along to the meeting. The mother-son duo made sure to make a lasting impression and it’s safe to say we would’ve given her the job based on sheer effort.

In a now-viral TikTok, the mum documents her interview journey and her son has completely won over viewers. In the clip, Maggie Mundwiller dresses her son Mylo in the cutest little suit, complete with a white bow tie.

The mum even wrote out a mini resumé for her son. His skills included being able to take off his own diaper, smelling flowers with his teeth, and being able to spot a dog a mile away.

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The mum said the interview went well and the company adored Mylo.

Speaking about her experience, she told Today that more companies should be child-friendly: “Particularly at this moment — not just because of the national economic emergency of needing to rehire the mothers who were forced out of the workforce during the pandemic, but also because this kind of personal-life visibility is a positive. It’s sustainable, profitable, and here to stay.”

The mum was offered a role at the company but decided to turn it down because it wasn’t the right fit for her.