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17th Jun 2021

A note left by a stranger on this mum’s car left her near tears

Laura Grainger

A masterclass in mothers supporting mothers.

A mum has revealed how a stranger brightened her day after a “distressing” drive by leaving a sweet note in her car door’s handle.

The mother, from the UK, said her nine-week-old son had cried throughout the drive to drop off her six-year-old daughter to school.

In a Facebook group, she shared how the infant might have an allergy or intolerance and wanted to be held by his mother – but as she was driving, he grew upset. Though her other son, a three-year-old, also sat patiently in the back, the newborn’s cries made her distressed.

The mum shared how she was making her way back to her parking spot in a car park in Leeds on Tuesday morning when she spotted the piece of paper tucked into the car door handle.

Initially thinking it would be criticism or something negative, she was pleasantly surprised to find a heartwarming note from another mother complimenting her on her “beautiful children” and the good job she was doing as a parent.

The mother said the kind note almost reduced her to tears but she held them in so her children wouldn’t see.

“From one stranger to another and one mother to another, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing message to me this morning!” she reportedly wrote.

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