Mum Milestones Exist And They Are Just As Important For Us To Celebrate 8 years ago

Mum Milestones Exist And They Are Just As Important For Us To Celebrate

When I first became a Mum, everybody was always talking about all the developmental milestones that my baby was going to hit.

Turns out that milestones aren't just for babies. Recently, I've been thinking about all MY firsts since becoming a parent 18 months ago.

It might be hard to believe when your baby is still very young, but here are eight significant things that are likely to happen to parents during those first momentous 18 months. (But absolutely no pressure if they don't.)

1. You will sit down at a table to eat a full dinner. Using both hands. At dinner time.

You may even go out to a restaurant.

2. You will sleep for more than five hours uninterrupted (the technical definition of 'through the night').

And you will feel absolutely shocking for it.

3. You will intentionally leave the house WITHOUT a changing bag... And spend the whole day feeling like you've forgotten something.


4. You will clean poo off things that you never expected to see poo on.

After one quick and subtle gag, you won't even throw up.

5. You will clean soothers/spoons/fingers by putting them in your mouth, because you no longer sterilise or anti bac everything in sight.

6. You will have a shower that lasts for longer than 30 seconds.

You may even go crazy and shave your legs.

7. You will see the bottom of your laundry basket, and not just when the grandparents are in town.

But blink and you'll miss it.

8. You will stop wondering when your baby is going to meet all their milestones.

Because, for whatever reason, you will come to the realisation that your offspring is a genius no matter what.