Mum mortified after daughter's friend returns party bag with a note shaming the contents 5 years ago

Mum mortified after daughter's friend returns party bag with a note shaming the contents

Uh oh.

A mum has turned to the internet for advice after she was left "fuming" when her daughter's friend returned the party bag from her birthday celebrations - with a note from her mum shaming the contents.

The woman explained that her daughter had turned 11 years old - and, to mark the occasion, she had a sleepover party with four of her friends.

The festivities included a takeaway pizza, sweets, a film, birthday cake, nail painting and games, which ended up costing the mum around £50.

Each one of the guests got a little gift bag as they left, with included "some pens, a notepad with each of the girls' initials, a little nail varnish set each, a book, a pair of novelty socks, some sweets and a piece of birthday cake."

Her daughter made some thank you notes to pop into the bags, too.

Following the party, though, the woman says her daughter returned home from school with one of the party bags - as well as a letter from one of the mums.

She explained on Mumsnet:

"The letter basically says the bag was too generous as a party bag and her daughter was returning it as she (the mum) couldn't let her accept it.

"DD is really embarrassed as her friend told her that her mum says I try too hard.

"I'm mortified but also livid- I don't do the school run so only know this mum to say hello to when dropping kids off at hobbies/parties/play dates etc.

"I definitely don't want to impress her or anyone else!"


Parents were pretty outraged on the mum's behalf about what happened.

One mum said:

"That is so unbelievably rude of her. Omg. My jaw literally dropped."

Someone else added:

"You were very generous but the mum was weird to return it. Her DD must have been mortified!"

Another person wrote:

"The party bags sound lovely and thoughtful. How rude of the other mum."

Other parents were quick to say they agreed with the mum of her daughter's friend - and the bag was far too generous for the party.

A different parent said:

"I would feel absolutely mortified to receive a party bag that generous, presents were usually £5-£7, so to receive a party bag in return of twice that value would make me feel extremely uncomfortable."

Someone else wrote:

"They were probably a bit over generous but lovely, the mum obviously has a chip on her shoulder."