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11th Jan 2019

Mum of a boy? You’ll be crying laughing at this hilarious toilet seat idea

So much pee. ALL the pee, everywhere.

Mum of a boy?

Coming from an all-girl family (apart from my dad, that is), with one sister, three nieces, and having welcomed my little girl first, I will put my hands up and admit there was a lot of ‘boy related’ stuff I just wasn’t prepared for when I eventually had my very own baby boy.

Didn’t see coming if you, will.

Like the noise. And the constant movement. The way he loves me so, so much (nothing, no-one will come between him and his mama – in a far more intense way than my little girl ever did, much as she is a mama’s girl too).

And then there were the issues related to his toilet habits. When he was an infant, I remember being amazed by how different it was changing his nappy – the way I had to make sure his little willy was either covered by a nappy or cloth, or pointing down to avoid him peeing in my face (it happened anyway).

And then came the day when he started peeing in the toilet, standing in front of it, like a ‘big boy’ and doing his business. Which is all sorts of cute, let me assure you. However, he can never seem to just get it inside the bowl!

The other day I walked in on him peeing and he told me he was pretending he was a fire truck and that he was putting out fires – meaning, of course, he was aiming his little thing all around the toilet bowl, ensuring a fine spray of urine not just in the toilet, but also on the seat, the lid and also all around the entire toilet.

Having a little boy in your house? There is a lot of pee. You’ll encounter it all day, every day. So much pee. ALL the pee.

On the plus side, I know I clean my bathroom far more frequently than I ever did before.

The thing is – I am not alone. This is a universal boy mama struggle.

Which is why, of course, when blogger Kristina Kuzmic shared a post about trying to get her own boys to actually get their aim straight – readers identified in droves. All boy mums, no doubt. It was first shared two years ago but has recently been doing the rounds online again and we just had to tell all the mums out there.

I need these notes. If my boy could read, that is. But in years to come, by GAWD am I stealing this hack.

Followers of Kristina’s blog were impressed too, with one Facebook user writing:

“Make these laminated, with an adhesive base on the back,” Heather L. suggested in the comments, “and I am sure any woman that lives with men will buy these!!!!”

What do YOU think, mamas? Could you do with these – for the little or bigger boys in your house?