Mum posts online asking when exactly does parenting get easier 5 months ago

Mum posts online asking when exactly does parenting get easier

So when does parenting get easier?

One mum wanted to know the answer to this elusive question and she had it answered pretty quickly for her.

Anna Foley posted to a parenting forum trying to suss out when it would all get easier and this is what other parents had to say on the matter.

Anna posted her query to Girlcrew Mums;

"Ladies with older kids: when does being a parent get easier?? Our 2 year old is very hard going at the moment, losing his shit over everything. I’m also 33 weeks pregnant and have a horrible cold and that’s not helping. Parenting can be so hard and exhausting!! When does it get easier?!"

I read this and thought 'wait, there's an age where it gets easier? Why did nobody tell me?'. The reason why nobody told me is because this age doesn't exist. You go through the exhausting newborn phase, then the temper tantrum filled toddler phase, right into a mini you with an attitude phase which can last all the way till you're sending them to college.

Many other mums in the forum were quick to reply the very same with one writing;


"It just gets easier in ways but harder in others, like when they can do things for themselves and have proper understanding of what were saying and know the difference between right and wrong it's easier you won't know yourself but there's attitude at every stage in some way, there's so many amazing days though try to focus on them. It doesn't get easier in general though. Sorry."

I agree with the mum who responded that there are pros and cons with all age stages of your child's development but overall there is no time as a parent that I would say it got easier, especially when you have multiple children.

I know parents whose children are fully grown that still confess to worrying so much when their child travels or go on nights out that they lose sleep.

Each stage of parenthood comes with its struggles but as the saying goes 'nothing worth having is easy'.

Just keep saying that to yourself when they're tearing the house apart.