Mum says 'f**k it' when it comes to swearing around the kids 5 years ago

Mum says 'f**k it' when it comes to swearing around the kids

Do all parents not do this at some point or another?

There will be plenty of moments in life that cause for a good old F-bomb - whether it be from anger, stress, humour or for emphasis.

But we’ve all been told we shouldn’t curse in front of the kids. It’s bad manners, they’ll be judged when they say it among a group of adults or peers or god forbid, they might let it slip at a very inappropriate moment. It horrifies some parents – what if little Suzie simply builds up her cursing vocabulary and nothing else?

Well, blogger and mum of three, Constance Hall, took to Facebook to share her take on bad language and we must admit, it has put us at ease knowing some of us aren’t the only ones swearing on a somewhat regular basis.

Constance says,

“I swear, no shit right? I justify it to myself by saying I only ever swear for emphasis, I never swear at anyone.”

Oh my god, us too!


Snuck off for some alone time. The twins reminded me I don't get alone time. Wouldn't change a thing. ?

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“You’ll never catch me calling someone a name or screaming ‘fuck off’. It’s the ‘for fucks sakes’ when you’ve gotten everyone in the car and are pulling out of the driveway when you smell a baby decided now was the perfect time to drop a shit.”

That’s quite annoying alright. But Constance went on to explain that her children know not to curse – they know it’s rude and for adults only and the response she received overall was hugely positive.

But recently her son Arlo and his friends have decided it’s very cool to swear and here the piece took a very emotive turn altogether when she wrote,

“Arlo is reaching an age where his friends have a greater influence on him then I do… I read about that once, about how you will come to a time where your children get their power from their mates and there isn't much you can do about it, you need to let them discover who they are in a group of peers. That's socialising. And it's beautiful.”

We've only just learned of this little one and already he’s tugging on our heart strings. The moral of mums story? Kids will turn out just fine whether they hear a few naughty words or not, it all about that nurturing and loving environment as all you mamas know too well.