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04th Oct 2019

Mum shares her simple baby bottle storage hack – and it is totally genius

It will make you wonder how no-one thought of this before.

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you find that your kitchen counter is currently hidden under a mountain of bottles, you are not alone, mama.

Whether you are bottle feeding, expressing, doing both or just have babies that are now so big they are drinking water for thirst, we all know just how much room baby bottles can take up.

Which is why we think you are going to love this Texas-based mum’s bottle storage hack as much as we did.
In fact, when mum-of-two Brooke McDaniel took to Facebook to share the clever way she is now storing baby bottles, she could not in her wildest dreams have predicted just how nifty mums all over the world would find her latest discovery.

Uploading an image of a shower caddy nailed to the wall of her kitchen – filled with neatly organised baby bottles and not soap and shampoo, McDaniel explained it to her followers:


Here is her text in full:

I’ve posted about this in my mommy group but figured i should share with all new moms on my page, save your kitchen. It’s a $12 shower caddy. Best “bottle holder” I could ever have. All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn’t utilizing, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it.

×× I never expected this post to get shared so much, I’m not a social media blogging mom, just a normal person with a good idea. This post was only ever intended for my friends, I’m glad others are finding it helpful but I never expected it to get any type of negative reaction so I’d like to address those now questioning my mothering methods, to those of you who say –

That’s too many bottles: I have two children on bottles and not enough time to wash them 6 times a day. This amount ensures my children will have enough to get through 24 hours with ease and besides I’m the type of mother who would rather have too much of something my children need than not enough ?

Exposed nipples: this is my home, those nipple don’t come in contact with anything but the air we breathe. So if you feel you can’t used a exposed nipples in your own home you should really be more concerned with your cleaning habits.. I’d be more worried about the dirt on the floor they scoot their face across than some germs, in the air they breathe in their mouths, possibly getting on a bottle they put in the same place. ?

And to each one of y’all reading this, if no one told you today- YOU ARE A AWESOME MOM!

The post has currently been shared more than 122,000 times, so there are some shower caddy producers out there rubbing their hands in glee, no doubt.