Mum shares moment her sons tell a public restroom that she has her period 3 years ago

Mum shares moment her sons tell a public restroom that she has her period

You wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Leave it to kids to make a show of you at every hands turn.

My toddler decided to tell his pre-school teacher one Monday morning about his mummy's hangover and how his mummy had to spend a long time in the toilet. That was an interesting school pick up.

This one mum definitely wins out when it comes to your kids embarrassing you as her mortification factor must have been off the scales.

Posting to Momstrosity this mum shared the moment that her two sons decided to announce to a public restroom that their mother was 'bleedin’ really bad outta her booty'.

"Well, any shred of dignity I had has been left in the Target bathroom.

My first mistake was leaving home with my 4-year-old twin boys. As a general rule, taking them anywhere in public doesn’t end well. But, as I’m a glutton for punishment...

As we walk into the store, I realize that I need to use the restroom. I have no choice but to take them with me. The handicap stall is conveniently out of order, so I have to cram inside of a tiny stall with both of my children.

At about this time, I realize that it is Shark Week."


Ok, so far everything that has happened is pretty inconvenient (aren't periods always?) but not the end of the world, right? Just wait for the rest of the story.

"I try to distract my young cherubs so that they may not be so interested in what’s happening inside the toilet bowl, when it happens:

Child 1: MAMA!!!!! You have... BLEED ON YOU!!
Child 2, horrified: BLEED IS COMIN’ OUT OF YOUR BOOTY!!!!!!!!!

I am begging them to be quiet.

“Are we the only ones in here?” I silently pray.

A muffled guffaw from the next stall over tells me that we are not.

Child 2: Mom. Are you okay?!? This is so bad. This is so so bad. You need a bandaid!
Child 1: NO! We need to call the 911!!

Me, frantically checking my purse for the tampon that I know is not there, while also trying to cover their mouths: Mommy is totally fine. This is very normal for mommies and women. It looks scary but it is okay.

Child 1: It is not fine!!!
Child 2: It’s okay to cry, mom.

At this point, I hear the door open and several people walk in."

The mum goes onto say that after her son stuck his head under the stall door to tell people his mother was bleeding from her booty that she decided to cut her losses and head home without shopping.

While I would have been absolutely beetroot red in the face if this had happened to me I do think it is kid of sweet that the boys were so concerned for their mum.

They weren't to know that she'd weathered this storm many times before.