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08th May 2019

Mum shares powerful photo of breast milk before and after her daughter was vaccinated

Keeley Ryan

A mum has gone viral after she shared a photo of her breast milk before-and-after her daughter was vaccinated.

Jody Danielle Fisher took to Facebook last week to explain that one of the photos was from the day before her daughter’s injections; the other was taken two days afterwards – and was a pale blue colour.

The mum wrote:

 “Nancy had her 1 year injections on Tuesday afternoon, the ‘normal’ colour milk is from the day before she had them, the ‘blue’ colour milk is from today – 2 days after she had them.

“It’s blue from all the antibodies my body is producing as it thinks she’s sick with what she was vaccinated against!

“When she feeds her saliva sends signals to my body to produce more milk with illness specific antibodies!

“This is one of the reasons I’m still breastfeeding 13 months on….you don’t get all this goodness and nutrients from formula or cows milk! Way to go boobies.”

Nancy Hurst, the director of Women’s Support Services at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, previously told Romper how there are several factors which can cause breast milk to change colours.

She noted:

“A mother may notice this blueish colour more when she has gone a longer time between pumpings, say first thing in the morning, when her breasts are fuller.”

The post quickly went viral, with Fisher editing the post to clarify a few things that had come up in the comments.

She explained that she had formula-fed her first child, and combi-fed her second and third.

Breastfeeding tips

“I was merely showing what women’s bodies can do when their children are poorly and this is one of the reasons I’m still breastfeeding at 13 months as I’m often questioned as to why I’m still doing so,” she said.

She said that the colour of her milk wasn’t due to anything she had eaten and, in fact, it had only been that colour when he daughter was sick.

Fisher’s post has gotten more than 6,000 likes, 4,000 comments and almost 8,000 shares.

You can read it in full here.