Mum sparks controversy after sharing a video of her baby getting  1 year ago

Mum sparks controversy after sharing a video of her baby getting 


Many parents across the world opt to have their babies' ears pierced at a young age – while to others, this custom seems cruel and completely unnecessary.

Recently, a US mum sparked controversy after sharing a video of her baby getting her ears pierced.

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Hairstylist Marisa Carpineta then uploaded the now viral clip to TikTok, showing her six-month-old daughter screaming as she gets her ears pierced.

Carpineta then captions the clip:

"Six months calls for ear piercings." She then lays her little girl down on the chair.

Continuing, Carpineta explains:


"Stop using piercing guns on your babies. Get them pierced at a tattoo and piercing shop instead." She then films the procedure, as her little girl is seen crying in pain.

However, at the end of the short clip, the baby seems perfectly content and happy, and is seen smiling at her mum's camera – with shiny new studs in her ears.

But – when Carpineta shared her video to TikTok, it did not take long for a heated debate to kick off, with some viewers branding her 'cruel' for what she just put her six-month-old baby through.

"This makes my skin crawl," one person wrote.

"Don't inflict unnecessary pain on a baby?!" another one questioned.

"Don't use a piercing gun, just hold your screaming infant down while a stranger shoved needles in her ears. Got it," a third person added.

"Why subject your baby to pain for the sake of beauty they can't comprehend?" questioned one follower. While another one argued the practise should be outlawed, stating: "This should be illegal. It should be the baby's choice when they can make one."

Others again defended Carpineta, saying piercing babies' ears is no big deal, and would not scar her for like (you, know – apart from the holes through her earlobes, that is!)

"I got mine done around the same age. It's not that deep, not traumatic, probably would have hurt me more if I did it when I was older," one person wrote.

"Yo Hispanics have been doing this since forever. Let people be, man," argued another.

Carpenita added a follow-up clip shortly after, just to show her well her baby was feeling and that the incident had not traumatised her.

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In the new clip, Carpineta shows an image of her little girl giggling in her cot, reassuring followers:

"She literally has no idea what happened."