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03rd Jun 2024

Mum sparks debate after criticising parents who brought kids with iPads to restaurant


‘This wasn’t McDonald’s – people need to teach their kids how to act in public’

A mum has reignited the debate about kids in restaurants after she complained about a family who had let their children bring tablets with them.

In a video on TikTok, Oklahoma mum Kelsey Davis (@kd81322) filmed herself trying to enjoy a night at a cocktail bar but found her experience ruined by children arguing and playing on iPads.

She said: “Can you hear that? It’s a table of children across from us arguing. And one of them has their tablet on volume 97.”

Her mood hadn’t improved by the time she had to pay her $140 bill either. “People, leave your kids at home or get a babysitter,” Davis said. “Don’t take them… because I want a good night with my husband. And I just feel exhausted from that date night. So thanks for that.”

She explained to Today that her and her husband, who have five children themselves, had been wanting to visit Nola’s Creole & Cocktails in Tulsa for years, and that she was “excited” when they finally got a table.

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She said: “The food was amazing, but it was such a stressful experience because of that one awful family.

“They were loud and obnoxious, and had absolutely no regard for other diners. The kids, they weren’t toddlers by the way, were yelling and whooping and hollering and the parents were completely ignoring them.”

Davis said she reckoned the four kids were between the ages of 9 and 12, and had their iPads “blaring.”

“This wasn’t McDonald’s,” she said. “It was a nice Cajun restaurant. People need to teach their kids how to act in public.”

Her video racked up tens of thousands of views on TikTok, with many agreeing with her.

One person commented: “I agree! Love kids, but if they can’t be quiet, please don’t take them to fine dining! And please don’t take them on four-plus hour flights!”

“Girl. I get it,” another person said. “In fact, when me and the hubs go to dinner and are seated next to kids… we ask to be sat somewhere else.”

“If parents would discipline their children and teach them how to be civil little humans and prepare them for the real world, instead of letting an iPad raise them we wouldn’t be having this problem,” someone else added.

Others had a bit of sympathy for the parents though, pointing out that parenting can be difficult at the best of times and that finding childcare isn’t always easy.

One person wrote: “Not everyone has childcare. Kids have a right to be anywhere you do. Some may say you’re annoying for recording yourself at dinner. BE KIND.”

Someone else commented: “Honestly this is one I don’t agree with. Some people don’t trust babysitters or have family close by to watch them. Children exist and deserve to go.”