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27th Aug 2018

This mum-of-three has donated nearly 900 PINTS of breast milk to other mums

Orlaith Condon

“I’m always pumping!”

Tabitha Frost has a rare condition called hyperlactation syndrome and as the name might suggest, it means she produces more milk than is normal – three times what is normal to be precise.

The condition means the 29-year-old has to pump every three hours and says she has to spend four hours each day expressing milk.

However, the mum has turned it into something incredibly generous, donating her milk ever since she noticed she had the condition after welcomed her second child Adelaide two years ago.

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In the two years since she says she’s donated roughly 852 pints in total and has no plans to stop.

“My routine doesn’t stop whether I’m on holiday, I’m not feeling well, or if I’m lacking in sleep. I’m always doing it,” Tabitha says.

“I’ll pump wherever I am. I’ve pumped at concerts, I’ve pumped at baseball games. I pump in th car, I pump at museums.

“You name it, I’ve pumped there. I don’t let life get in the way.”

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Tabitha donates to other mums, especially those of premature or sick babies, or to those babies who are allergic to formula.

“I recently donated to a pair of twins who were born prematurely.

“They have a condition that requires them to be fed through feeding tubes.”

Once Tabitha has expressed milk, it’s pumped into sterilised containers and is frozen for donation.

“It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding,” Tabitha says. “I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.”