Mum-of-two reveals the real reason she takes so long in the bathroom 5 years ago

Mum-of-two reveals the real reason she takes so long in the bathroom

Plenty of parents were able to relate.

A mum has revealed the reason she really takes so long in the bathroom, as she shared her secret for getting some much needed "alone time".

The anonymous mum told photo sharing site Imgur that she decided to lock herself in the bathroom solo this week.

All so she could enjoy a moment to eat some sweets without any interruption.

She explained:

"I've locked the bathroom door and am sitting on the counter enjoying a few chocolates.

"I only allow myself one small treat during the week (I'm mostly a chicken and veggies girl Monday through Friday) and just didn't feel like having my one indulgence while my 3 and 1-year-old asked me to share or cried while I ate it in front of them.

"I thought maybe some parents on here might be able to relate and therefore enjoy this."


Plenty of parents took the comments to share their own stories involving stashing candy, while others were simply impressed that the woman's trick worked.

My kids probably think I'm taking the world's longest poo.


One commenter said:

"I'm more impressed you actually managed to be in the bathroom alone without a kid in there.

"I haven't peed by myself in about 6 years!"

Another chimed in:

"I wait until the child is in bed and break out my stash of cookies and toffee almond Hershey nuggets."

A different parent added:

"I used to sit on the floor of the kitchen behind the counter and eat skittles.

"Right after I told the kids there weren't any left."

Someone else exclaimed:

"I'm just impressed you can go in there and lock the door without them pounding it down."