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05th Oct 2017

Mum’s honest depiction of the struggles of breastfeeding

"Fed is best."

Jade Hayden

Maya Vorderstrasse

Maya Vorderstrasse is not one to keep her family life off of Instagram.

Since the birth of both of her kids, she’s been non-stop with the family and pregnancy based snaps, but honestly, we’re not going to complain because her pictures are so entertaining and well thought-out.

This week, Maya took to the social media app to share some of her thoughts about her breastfeeding journey.

And more specifically, how much it differed from child to child.

(Oh, and she included a brilliant photo too, of course.)

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Maya starts off her post by saying that she had always dreamed of breastfeeding her babies.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful and amazing journeys through the bonding and comforting experience that it is.

“I breastfed my first daughter until she was 6 months old, and I loved all of it. It was our time together, so special… and no one could take that from me.”

However, the mum-of-two then goes on to say that once she got pregnant again when her daughter was two months old, her milk dried up.

Maya says she worried that once she started bottle feeding, her bond with her daughter would not be as strong.

But then she realised that, of course, “nothing had changed.”

“It was still our time, she’d still grab my hair and smile at me with her eyes. She was so happy. Fed. Loved.”

Maya says even though she is now breastfeeding her second baby, she knows that if she has to stop (or that if she wants to stop), it won’t make any difference.

“Feeding them is beautiful. Providing for them, seeing them gain weight, grow and smile and be milk drunk makes my heart jump in happiness.

“So I don’t know about your journey, but I can tell you that whatever your choice or circumstance, don’t ever feel guilty or like you are inadequate. Ever. Just love them and do the best you can. You’re a rockstar.”

Maya’s post has been liked over 10,000 times with Instagram users applauding her honesty as well as her attitude towards bonding with your children.

“Beautiful picture and story,” said one user.

“So glad I came across your page,” said another.

Because like Maya says: “fed is best.”