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12th May 2015

Mums lay bare and get honest for a body photo project

Sive O'Brien

A series of intimate photographs of mothers has been created to celebrate real images of women and share their stories.

Featuring photos of mothers, along with meaningful quotes taken from them during their shoots, The Honest Body Project was created by photographer Natalie McCain who wants to help women learn to love their bodies and themselves.

Talking about the mothers who have taken part so far, she says on her Go Fund Me Page, “The raw stories they provide are the backbone of this project. The portraits show their joy, their beauty, their imperfections, and their love for their children. Paired with their stories, it paints a beautiful, honest picture of motherhood.

“Having children changes our body in ways we never expect. This change is BEAUTIFUL. Appreciate your stretch marks, they show you grew a child inside you. Embrace the once tight and now loose skin, it shows you birthed this amazing child.”

“I love how motherhood has changed me for the better. I’ve learned how easy it is to feel true joy simply by watching my…

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“I regret being so self conscious about my body for most of my life. Even to this day I will find myself in the shower,…

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“We are not ‘still nursing’ we’re just ‘nursing’.”

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“My son had massive trauma at birth. My husband and I had planned a natural birth, but instead I had an emergency…

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