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06th Apr 2016

5 Reasons That Every Mother Is Putting Her Makeup On In The Car

Sharyn Hayden

If you are on ‘The Internet’, then you have probably seen more than one post or article complaining about women putting their makeup on in public.

We’re talking trains, planes, while stopped at traffic lights in their cars.

Ok, I know that doing anything other than concentrating on the task at hand when driving is a really bad idea, so I want to stress that bit – while stopped at traffic lights in their cars and not while actually driving because that’s just crazy.


I often do my make up in the car when I’m on my way to the office, or to meet a friend and sometimes even when I’m just going out.

Realistically, there is only a window of about a minute at each traffic light stop so I might get one eyebrow done at a time, one application of mascara at another and so on..

Here are 5 reasons why I’m at it:

1. The Morning Time Lapse

Time rockets by at a supersonic rate in the mornings. Every hour zooms by like twenty minutes. One moment, you are literally receiving a request for a Spiderman Birthday Party at 6.45am (WTF?) and the next, you are screaming that it’s 8.45 and if everyone doesn’t get into the car soon, Mammy will lose the will to live.

2.  The Self-pampering Time Allocation

If I get up at 7am and need to leave at 9am, there is approximately 12 minutes in that entire two-hour period that can be spent just on me. Does anyone in my house care if I need to apply half a tonne of concealer to hide the dark rings under my eyes? Hell, no. They care about locating their new Peppa Pig sunglasses right now. (Bye-bye 18 minutes of morning time, searching for said item under the chairs).


3. The Search For Socks

Any time I am anywhere near Pennys or Dunnes, I nip in and buy the kids a pack of new socks. Because you can’t have enough, right? Well apparently you can, because despite buying eight new pairs of socks for each of my two kids a couple of weeks ago AND the washing machine being set to ‘constant’, we still had no socks this morning. At one point, I thought I’d found a matching Spiderman pair but no – different Spidermen. Sigh..

4. The Priority List

Here are the things that must be done in the morning that do not include makeup: feed ourselves, the kids and the dog, pack lunches, adults washed and dressed, negotiations with kids over getting them dressed, kid’s teeth brushed, dog let out and scooped up after (thanks Pearl!), dishes put away so house doesn’t look like it has been robbed and various arguments about the whereabouts of the car seats.


5. That Being A Mammy Thing

The next time you see a lady putting their makeup on in a public place, before you go all ‘Tsk tsk shouldn’t she get up a little bit earlier and spare us having to see that?’ ask yourself the following; ‘Could she be someone’s mam?’ The chances are, she could be, and had a list of 75 things to do, that didn’t include her before she left the house that morning. So give her a break, ok?

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