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28th Jun 2018

This mum’s story of having cervical cancer while pregnant is inspiring

She's raising money for cancer research.

Jade Hayden

Amy Cupit

A mum from Nottingham who was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was eight weeks pregnant has spoken out about the experience.

Thirty-three year old Amy Cupit was given the decision to terminate her pregnancy, or to continue and have the birth induced. The risk that her tumour could become more aggressive was substantial.

Amy had already experienced five miscarriages prior to this.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the mum of two told of how she saw both choices as “rubbish.”

“When my husband, Mike, and I learnt what I had we couldn’t believe it. We’d never managed to carry a baby so far and then we were being told I had cancer.”

Amy made the decision to continue with the pregnancy, and after 39 weeks (and a biopsy months before) she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Ruby.

Cervical cancer ribbon

However, complications from the cancer surgery meant that Amy had to have an emergency hysterectomy.

Knowing that she would not be able to have any more children naturally, she and her husband Mike decided to adopt a second child in 2016.

Now, Amy is trying to raise money for cancer research through participating in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

She is currently in remission but is urging all women to avail of smear tests where they can.

“I don’t take things for granted and feel lucky that my cancer was caught early enough for successful treatment.”

“My only wish is that all women eligible for a cervical smear should take up the invitation. My story might have been very different if I hadn’t.”