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29th Dec 2021

New Year’s Eve with kids: 5 fun things to do for a family-friendly celebration


New Year’s Eve is almost here, and I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am definitively staying up until midnight to make sure this absolute car-crash of a year sees itself out.

However, as we are still in the middle of a pandemic (and, you know, because you are an adult with kids) parties and nightclubs on NYE just doesn’t cut it anymore, and staying home is perfectly acceptable – encouraged even.

But, guys, just because you are staying in with the kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a bit of fuzz about welcoming the new year. I mean; especially this year, as I am sure we are all equally excited about exiting 2021 and embracing 2021. Roll on better times, hugs, travels, parties, dinner-guests, yoga classes, family get-togethers and fun, carefree, normal days!

Celebrating at home with the kids this NYE? Here are five brilliantly festive ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve – family-style:

1. Get dressed up

Look, you might be staying in, but that is no excuse not to wear your finest festive wear and most sparkly party outfits. Even toddlers will love getting their party best on. And guys – NYE deserves a bit of sparkle, so go big, or go home (you know, if you weren’t already at home, that is!). Think glitter, sequins, shiny materials, the works!

2. Do a countdown to pass the time

If your children are old enough to stay awake until midnight, you might need to have a couple of activities up your sleeve to keep them busy while you are all waiting for the clock to strike midnight and 2020 to begin.

Have something that the kids have to do or perform on the hour, every hour for the evening, and the hours will fly by.

For instance, at 6pm, write a thank-you letter to 2019. At 7pm, take a family selfie, at 8pm, write down a bucket list for 2020.

3. Do a Zoom celebration with friends

One thing that always will make your NYE celebrations more festive is celebrating with friends. So ask your friends (with kids) to call in via Zoom, sing songs together, play some virtual party games and toast to the new year!

4. Make a New Year’s Eve box

Christmas Eve boxes have been doing the rounds the past couple of Christmases, but if you are staying in to celebrate NYE, why not make up a New Years Eve box too?

Fill the box with sparkly party hats, new pyjamas, crackers, sparklers (to take outside and light at midnight), treats, popcorn, a new DVD, and a festive (non-alcoholic) drink – in other words, everything you need for a night in on the sofa

5. Make a family time capsule

A year is a long time – especially for little ones. And this one especially so.

So to have something super-fun to look forward to next NYE, why not make a family time capsule. All you need is an old shoebox (or cake tin or whatever) and fill it with things you dream of or wish will happen in 2021, things you look forward to, funny things and maybe even things you worry about for the new year.

Then close the lid and set the box somewhere it won’t go missing. Next New Year’s Eve, gather the family and open the box – and marvel at what came through, what happened and didn’t happen in 2021. A wish-box like this is also a great way to teach children about gratitude and appreciating all the good things you have in your life.

Tell us, how do YOU celebrate NYE with your kids?