Newborn Baby Enjoys First Bath in the Tummy Tub 4 years ago

Newborn Baby Enjoys First Bath in the Tummy Tub

Already used by more than 75 per cent of Dutch babies and 60 per cent of German babies up to the age of 12 months, the Tummy Tub is becoming a firm favourite among Irish parents.

If you still haven't seen it for yourself however, this popular video offers a reassuring visual tutorial.

Essentially a tall bath, also affectionately known as a "baby bucket", the makers of the Tummy Tub, Wicklow brothers David and Declan Power, say its design recreates the feeling of being in the womb, making for an enjoyable and stress-free bathtime.

They also say using the bath helps baby to "stop crying, to sleep peacefully, to relax his abdominal muscles so colic is prevented or relieved, constipation eased and trapped wind released."

What's more, the non-slip rubber bottom and smooth shape mean that it is difficult to tip over. No sharp edges and a clear structure allow you to see that your baby is safe, and strong handles allow you to lift it easily making bathtime stress-free and simple.

It's also made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials and uses less water than a conventional bath.

To use the Tummy Tub safely it's recommended that you use the floating position; one hand under baby’s chin, the other at the back of the head, or both hands under the baby’s armpits.

The Tummy Tub (€29.99) is available at Mothercare.

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