'Not your news!' Daddy Knowles breaks the first rule of baby announcements 5 years ago

'Not your news!' Daddy Knowles breaks the first rule of baby announcements

If there is one thing we can be sure of - Beyonce LOVES a big reveal.

So when she announced that she and her husband of 11 years Jay Z were expecting twins, she did it as only she could.

Yes, the now iconic Instagram snap of Bey clad in a green veil and surrounded by flowers eventually notched up 11m likes when she used it to declare that the Knowles-Carter clan "will be growing by two".

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However, Mathew Knowles has now beaten his daughter to the official confirmation of the newborn boy and girl's arrival - thus breaking what we consider to be rule No.1 of baby announcements (aka you wait for the parents to make the first move).

Taking to his Instagram and Twitter accounts today (where he boasts a modest 8.5K and 1.5K followers respectively) he posted an image of coloured balloons which read 'happy birthday to the twins," followed by a "Love, Granddad," as well as his Insta username.

He also threw in the hashtags #beyonce #jayz #twins #birthday and #happybirthday.


However, plenty of folk took exception to the post - not least as TMZ is reporting that the babies are still in hospital six days after being born due to a "minor" medical issue.



Beyonce and her father have had a somewhat strained relationship. Although he masterminded Destiny's Child back in the Nineties, he stopped being her manager in 2011, shortly after he split from her mother, Tina, following more than 30 years of marriage.

Reports at the time suggested he had fathered a son with a mistress.

During a subsequent interview with Oprah, Beyonce spoke of their strained relationship - however, it is believed the arrival of Blue Ivy, now five, in 2012 gradually helped to build bridges.