ODEON Cinemas have great family deals available for the midterm break 3 years ago

ODEON Cinemas have great family deals available for the midterm break

Great way to keep the kids happy.

The midterm break arrives next week and I know what you're thinking, wasn't it just Christmas and isn't Easter in a couple of weeks?

I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to keep my kids occupied.

One popular day out is always a trip to the cinema and with the new Sonic movie hitting the cinemas it's all I've heard about from my seven-year-old.

If like myself you're planning on popping to the cinema during the midterm then you can't go wrong with the Odeon's family deals.

One of Odeon’s offers include, Grown Ups Pay Kids’ Prices with the family ticket (two adults and two children or one adult and three children).

For the older kids in the family ODEON has its teen ticket price, which means there is something for all the family!


I know sometimes I've turned up to the cinema and there is hardly anything suitable for the kids to watch, especially since we go quite often so they get through the kid friendly films pretty quickly.

This month however there's no shortage of great family friendly movies for everyone to enjoy.

For the smaller children there is Dolittle a modern take on the classic film Dr. Dolittle starring Robert Downey Junior, and Sonic the Hedgehog a brand new take on the classic video game starring the legendary Jim Carrey.

Older comic book fans however may be more interested in seeing Birds of Prey, the next installment of the DC Comics franchise.

So whether you have pre-schoolers or pre-teens to entertain over the midterm break there's something to suit everyone.