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02nd Nov 2016

This ONE Change Might Up Your Chances Of Nookie This Weekend

Sive O'Brien

If you’re a parent of your kids, then sexy time is most likely all about grabbing quickies whenever or wherever you can (did you read our rules for parent sex article?). 

It’s not that you don’t want hot baths, candles and hours to pour over each others bodies, it’s just that these days, you just couldn’t be arsed.

Proper non-rushed sexy times are reserved for the odd night you get a night away or can deposit the little terrors in someone else’s abode.

So, when we heard this teeny tiny change could up our chances of a little action – without too much effort – we had to share it with all your tired parents. This could well be the answer to every lazy-girl’s idea of minimum energy-zapping nookie time:

What is it? Well, it’s all down to music, it seems. Science says so. In a study by speaker-of-the-Gods maker Sonos (or so my hubbie calls them), who teamed up with Apple music and a neuroscientist, Daniel Levitin, they tested whether music can make us physically and emotionally closer to one another. They polled a whopping 30,000 music lovers from all over the globe to find out how music affects their lives.

They even went so far as to conduct an experiment in 30 homes to test out the theory, pumping music through Sonos sound systems, Apple watches, iBeacons and Nest cams to watch the affects peoples’ favourite tunes had on them when blared through the house.

Levitin, whose best-selling, revolutionary book ‘This is your brain on music‘ confirmed that homes playing music experienced “a nexus of intimacy and togetherness.” People were 33% more likely to cook together, 23% found their kids more helpful (OMG!), 15% more likely to laugh together, and 18% were more likely to say “I love you.”

Listening to music out loud triggers oxytocin AND serotonin, so it’s not surprising 66% of couples found more intimacy, and 37% had more “awake time” in bed…. and we all know what that means, right?

Moral of the story: put down the phones, the iPads, switch off the TV, crank up the tunes, and get busy, people! (even if you are banjaxed tired).

So, that’s why my hubbie blares music throughout the house via his Sonos speakers, seemingly ALL. THE. TIME. Totally sussed.