One in five parents think it is OK to swear in front of their children 4 years ago

One in five parents think it is OK to swear in front of their children

Do you do it?

If you swear in front of your children there's no harm in admitting it. That's what 52 percent of mamas and papas did in a recent survey.

More than one in five parents with young kids revealed they are laid-back when it comes to swearing while their little ones are in the same room.

They believe it is OK to do so because their children are too young to know exactly what they mean.

2,000 parents with children between the ages of zero and 16 years old took part in the survey.

One third of them said they will proceed to use curse words even when their kids understand them, but they won't allow their little ones to echo what they say.


Ten percent of respondents also revealed they use expletives at work, so much so that they find it hard to can't stop saying them at home which is understandable.

The study was carried out by According to The Sun, Founder Siobhan Freegard said:

"The topic of swearing in front of children is definitely something of a taboo among many parents."

"Before kids learn to talk, parents often feel they can continue speaking the same way they always have."

"But it’s not long before children are picking up bits of language from their parents – and by age two are very adept at parroting words back they’ve heard mum or dad use."

In light of their findings, ChannelMum have listed 10 phrases that parents could say instead of swearing which are:

  1. What the Frog?!
  2. Sugar!
  3. Oh Muck
  4. Shi ta-ke Mushrooms
  5. Mothersmucker
  6. Oh Cheeses!
  7. Shut the... Front Door
  8. Fire Truck
  9. Bull Spit
  10. Oh Ship

We particularly like numbers 4 and 6!