Why one mother has issued a warning about playground slides 4 years ago

Why one mother has issued a warning about playground slides

A timely warning considering the high temperatures in Ireland these last few weeks.

Stephanie Luker has warned other parents of the potential danger posed by playground slides in warm weather after her daughter Ariadne, who's almost two-years-old, suffered second-degree burns on her hands.

Stephanie, who lives in US state Idaho, explained that after getting off the plastic slide, the toddler said her hands were sore and so they went home.

After inspecting her daughter's hands and noticing that blisters had started to form, Stephanie called the doctor who told her that the little girl was suffering from second-degree burns owing from the plastic on the slides.

In conversation with Good Housekeeping, Stephanie said:

"My daughter is red haired and fair skinned, so we have always been aware of sunburn, but not this. I see a lot of parents, myself included, just let kids go be kids and not worry about checking slides or other play equipment".


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Lexie Sachs, a textile analyst, said that similar to metal, plastic can get hot enough to result in burns too.

"While people anticipate metal to get hot in the sun, plastic can get hot enough to cause burns, too — especially darker colours, because they absorb more of the sun's wavelengths than lighter colours. Even on days when the weather is mild, plastic can get heated by the sun and cause burns".

According to The Idaho State Journal, The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that parents check the temperature of playground equipment before allowing their children to play.

"Remember, a young child’s skin will burn faster than your own. If it feels hot to your hand, it may be too hot for a child’s bare skin".