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26th Mar 2022

One mum has a very simple trick for getting her boys to stop peeing on the floor

Trine Jensen-Burke

trick to get boys to stop peeing on the floor

Unless you have a husband or partner with a really bad aim, until you have a boy, you simply cannot understand how hard it – seemingly – is to get the pee inside the actual toilet bowl.


So. Much. Pee. All-day. Every Day.

However, there is a trick that might just help – and will finally put an end to stepping into gross puddles around your toilet every time you walk into your bathroom.

One Australian mum recently spoke to Kidspot about how she finally discovered the solution to getting her three boys to stop peeing on the floor – and it’s really so beautifully simple.

“One day I was fed up. Why should I be cleaning up pee when I’m not the one peeing on the floor,” Pilar Mitchell explains.

“I called my eight-year-old to the bathroom and handed him a wipe. I stood over him, carefully scrutinising his floor-wiping technique and barking criticisms. In between commands, I ranted about how ridiculous it was about how he was eight years old and couldn’t aim into the toilet. I ranted about how unfair it was that I should have to clean pee that isn’t mine.”

“And he’d argue back, yelling about how gross it was and blamed the pee on his brother.”

However, a couple of days later, while her eldest was wailing about how disgusting it was, having to clean up pee again, Mitchell suggested he sit down when he peed. And then, she explained, he’d never have to clean the pee again.

Coincidentally, Mitchell reveals, her five-year-old must have heard this conversation too, as the next time she spotted him going to use the bathroom, he was sitting down to pee as well.

“It took his brother a few more floor scrubs to catch on,” she explains.  “But because Mr 5 was already sitting, Mr 8 was left cleaning all the wees. Because as all ladies know, a sitting person doesn’t wee on the ground.”

Fed up having to always clean up pee, Mitchell’s eight-year-old also started to sit down when using the toilet too – and has continued to do so when he realised he was discharged from toilet cleaning duties.

“It’s a bloody miracle!!

The mum-of-three explains she can’t believe she never thought of this very simple solution to the pee problem before now, as she now considers it one of her major parenting wins!