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03rd Dec 2015

Our readers share their most HILARIOUS parenting moments (in pictures!)

Being a parent in real life looks a little different from the way they make it look, say, on Pinterest. 

In fact, sometimes, it looks pretty much as far removed from those styled, glossy, clean and well-behaved versions of parenthood as possible. Both us and our dear readers can confirm that parenthood is indeed louder, messier, dirtier and naughtier than both Pinterest and parenting books will ever tell you.

When we published a story earlier this week about fun pictures that show the true side of parenting, we also asked our readers to share some of their own hilarious parenting moments with us. So here you go; the pics that prove that parenthood really is the craziest hood you will ever navigate:


Joanne Feighery Culligan’s little man is showing some real attitude and giving the world his two (adorable little) fingers!


This, apparently, is the only way Leanne Bolton can get anything done. Genius tip, Leanne, and surely much better than sticking them in front of the TV!


Uh-oh! Cadhia Ciara Brown’s girls are clearly having a little disagreement over something!


Caz Moody’s little boy is proving that ain’t no bars gonna keep him inside!


Amanda Moran caught her big girl “helping out” putting Sudocream on her lil’ sister. Oh Sudocream. There are so many parenting moments filled with the stuff!


Kim Storey woke her little guy as the bells rang on his first New Year’s Eve and quickly learned the lesson: Never wake a sleeping baby!


Sandra Quinn little snowman is playing it safe in bed with his “mouse/spider catcher.” Say nothing, Sandra!


Claire Neill was caught in camera doing the deed! (Oh, those nappy changes!)


Nonie Love’s boys are doing the usual “Smile for the camera” expressions (just like they apparently do in every photo ever…)

We are LOVING these honest and hilarious accounts of parenthood, guys! Keep the pics coming. If YOU want to share your funny parenting pics with us, send me an e-mail at