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22nd Oct 2017

Paloma Faith’s latest parenting decision faces major criticism

She revealed her plans this weekend.

Orlaith Condon

The singer welcomed her first child earlier this year.

Paloma Faith has been an outspoken supporter of women’s rights and gender equality for years, so her most recent comments probably didn’t come as a huge surprise to many fans.

Speaking at the Q Awards in London this weekend, the new mum opened up about her plans for more children and some of the parenting decisions she’s made so far.

“I’m loving being a mum,” she told The Mirror.

“I want two or three kids in all and they’ll be gender neutral.”

Paloma said she has chosen not to stick to the blue or pink colour schemes or other traditional gender confirming habits with her children.

“I just want them to be who they want to be,” she added.

However, while her comments may not have been a surprise to many, they were still met with a lot of criticism from others.

Many called the mum ‘mentally unwell’ and asked if she was on drugs.

“Shouldn’t the child choose for themselves?” asked one follower.

“I was a fan of Paloma Faith… not anymore,” another criticised.

“Seems to be the in thing at the moment,” wrote another.

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However, it wasn’t long until many came to the defence of the new mum, saying it was her decision and no business of anyone else.

“Got nothing to do with anyone else how she brings up her child,” said one follower.

“Shocked by some of the hateful comments against Paloma. Her child, her decision,” wrote another.