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10th Aug 2023

Parents reveal their top ‘child hacks’ that will make parenting easier

Jody Coffey

These hacks are genius!

The trials and tribulations that come with being a parent can be testing at the best of times, so little snippets of advice are always welcomed with open arms.

While there is no magic wand to wave away any challenges that may arise from your little one, taking the lived experience of other parents, within reason, is always a clever move.

Over 3,000 parents took to a parenting thread on Reddit to share their tried and tested methods to make family life easier, and, let me just say, the results range from heart-warming to down-right genius.

One parent shared how he and his wife took advantage of the fact she worked in a health club, often taking their kids swimming there.

However, it’s how they utilised this part of their routine that is impressive.

“We’d always pack their PJs for their clothes they’d change into after swimming,” they wrote.

“That way, they got out of the pool, showered, and changed into pajamas. They were always ready for bed when we got home.”

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Another user shared a smart solution from those times when your little one is in tantrum mode.

“Ask what color [sic] their shoes/shirts/pants/whatever clothing they’re wearing are,” they explained adding that they used this practice twice that same day and it helped to calm them right down.

“This distracts the child long enough to stop them in the midst of their meltdown because they haven’t thought about what they’re wearing.”

Absolutely genius.

Does your child outright refuse to eat their vegetables? If so, this is one you might want to keep reading for.

One user explained a quick fix to this problem: “Give them [vegetables] before dinner because that’s when they are hungry and will eat almost anything, give them some carrots and cucumbers in a glass which is a great snack.”

Being mindful of how you phrase questions was another nugget of advice offered to parents.

“Instead of ‘Do you want a hotdog for supper?’ Ask ‘What do you want on your hotdog?'” one Reddit user gave as an example.

This will lessen the likelihood of them, in this scenario, saying they don’t want to eat what you’re preparing, but it is something that could be applied across all disciplines.

If you happen to see your child’s mood mounting towards testy or irate, water should be your best friend, according to one parent who says they still use this method with their kids that are now in their teens.

“Even having them wash their hands or face does wonders. To be fair, I do it with my husband too. So really, I guess it just works for humans.”

Every family is unique, so lean into it.

For example, one user and their wife came up with a short and unique whistle that let their kids know it was time to come back to them.

“Works in malls, water parks or just to come in and clean up for dinner. Fellow parents were amazed by this. Teach them early,” they advised.

How cute and totally the kind of thing they will pass down to their own children.

And finally, this genius hack will come in handy as we approach Christmas.

In a store, when your kid sees something they want, like a toy or game, and you can’t or don’t want to buy it, tell them to ‘put it on the list.’

“If they’re the type of kid that will follow through then you have a handy list for Christmas or birthdays. If not, then they’ll forget about it,” the user wrote.

Have you any parenting hacks to share? If so, let us know in the comments!