Parents are sharing hilarious ways they stop themselves bickering in front of their kids 1 year ago

Parents are sharing hilarious ways they stop themselves bickering in front of their kids

Sometimes you can't help it.

Raising children, running a household, maintaining a relationship – it's all hard work.

So is it any wonder that friction arises here and there?

However, most of us are aware of just how damaging it can be for children to hear parents fight, and so we try to avoid it. But let's all agree that can be pretty tricky at times, when you feel like you just can't hold your tongue any longer.

However, one couple recently came up with an ingenious way to continue the bickering silently - even when you have a baby on your lap.

Trust me – this is a hack you want to know about – being able to let your partner know you are still mad at them – all without saying a word.

In a viral TikTok the Fluellen family shares the hack with their three million followers.

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The clip begins showing dad with the baby in his lap, calmly sitting on the bedroom floor. A caption says: "When you're mad at each other but don't want to fight in front of the kids."

The camera, presumably held by Mum, pans to a young daughter happily playing, indicating that with two kids in the room, not much can be said.

But fingers can be used.

The camera returns to see the dad carefully raising his baby's middle finger to the camera... who is sporting the most angelic smile you've ever seen.

Message received.

Needless to say, others parents were into it – and shared how they have been known to use the trick once or twice themselves.

"The baby was smiling he/she didn't know what was going on," one person wrote.

Another one said:

"My husband always does this."

And a third one commented:

"This is definitely something me and my husband would do!"