Parents: This simple change could improve your sex life overnight 7 years ago

Parents: This simple change could improve your sex life overnight

New research has proven that one simple relationship adjustment could improve the sex lives of heterosexual couples everywhere.

When men take on more of the childcare duties, or at least split them evenly with their partner, both partners report increased satisfaction in the bedroom.

According to new research by Georgia State University sociologists, when women were responsible for most or all of the child care, both parties reported both the lowest quality relationships and sex lives. And while work and other priorities might dictate that mum stays at home with the kids more often, boosting the amount of time spent with dad whenever possible has a positive affect on both parents and their relationship to one another:

"The important point to be made is that when we're looking at child care, the difference that we find is really between arrangements where the mother is largely responsible for child care and everything else," said researcher Daniel Carlson.

"What we find is that there's generally little to no downside to men being largely responsible for child care," Carlson said. "We conclude that being an engaged father is very important to men. If it weren't, we wouldn't see such a high level of satisfaction. It suggests that father engagement and sharing child care with one's partner is important to both sexes."

The team is keen to learn more about why couples with more egalitarian child-care arrangements reported better relationship quality and sex lives.

"We are trying to understand what is it about sharing that couples view so positively," Carlson concluded.


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