There is a perfect way to keep on top of your family's laundry, says this organisation expert 1 year ago

There is a perfect way to keep on top of your family's laundry, says this organisation expert

Let's be honest – the laundry, when you are rasing a young family, is a killer, no?

Like, does it ever end? I just know in my own house, that laundry basket literally seems to fill itself. No sooner have I gotton so far down I am starting to believe I will finally reach the bottom, and then I turn my back – and it is stuffed to the brim again.

The sheer volume of laundry that comes with parenthood is stunning. And not in a good way.

However, maybe we are just going about it in the wrong way, it seems.

Because according to Elise Gurock, founder of Chaos Concierge—a US-based organisational management company (yes, really), you can vastly cut down on your time spent doing laundry if you just put her system in place.

Curious? Prepare to want to do over your laundry routine completely.


You need: A separate laundry bin for each member of the family (this is especially key if you have three or more people in your household)

How to implement the system: Set up a calendar system where you do loads by person and on specific days of the week. For example, Monday is laundry night for your spouse; Tuesday might be your night and Saturday/Sunday is for the kids.

I am a big believer in routines and systems and have lists for pretty much anything and everything in my life – so how I have not thought of a system like this when it comes to my laundry somewhat baffles me. I mean; it just makes sense, no?

Having a system in place will no doubt make you feel more in control, and will make it less likely that things (as in, the piles of dirty clothes...) spiral out of control.

And heck, as the kids get older, I think it will be no harm having them take ownership of their own laundry baskets either.