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01st Jun 2016

Peter Andre Speaks Out About The Issue of Smacking Children

Peter Andre has weighed in on the discussion about smacking children.

The singer-turned-television-star wrote about the issue in his latest column for new! magazine following calls to make smacking children illegal in the UK.

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He revealed that whilst he has never smacked his own kids, he was smacked as a child and feels that it didn’t have a negative impact.

“As a child, I got smacked when I did something wrong and it never did my brothers or I any harm,” he wrote.

“Of course no parent should physically harm their child, but I don’t see anything wrong with a smack on the hand or the bum to discipline them.

“That said, I’ve never ever smacked my kids.”

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Peter and his wife Emily MacDonagh, who tied the knot last year, are currently expecting their second child together.

They have a daughter called Amelia. He also has two kids, 10-year-old Junior and 8-year-old Princess, from his marriage to Katie Price.



Image via Instagram/Peter Andre