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23rd Dec 2018

How get the most sleep possible ahead of Santa’s visit this Christmas Eve

Sive O'Brien

How get the most sleep possible ahead of Santa's visit this Christmas Eve

Picture the scene: It’s Christmas Eve.

The excitement is palpable, the kids are wired with exhaustion, the parents are giddy with wine… but despite watching three back-to-back movies, belting out a round of yuletide tunes and feeling like you’ve run a marathon getting to kids to finally get a bit of shut-eye, you’re in bed wide-a-bloody-wake.

bed company in the UK has come up with these cool infographics to help parents get a few zzzzzz before their most-likely 5am wake up call, and a day of cooking and entertaining ahead.

 1. Organisation like you’ve never seen


2. Step away from the Roses


3. Attempt to wrestle the kids into bed


4. A Christmas tipple for hard-working Santa!


5. Soak it all in…. and enjoy the calm before the storm


6. Let the wind-down begin


Well, we can try anyway. Here’s to a few hours of rest to everyone!

Do you have any tips to make Christmas Eve a little more relaxed? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments.