PSA: TikTok is not just for teenagers - it has loads of amazing parenting hacks too 2 years ago

PSA: TikTok is not just for teenagers - it has loads of amazing parenting hacks too

We're suckers for a good hack.

With no childcare, no schools and lockdown conditions leaving pretty much every parent frazzled and exhausted, another social media platform is probably the last thing you think you need in your life right now.

And you'd be forgiven if joining TikTok – a repository of 15-second videos made by bored teenagers and even more bored celebrities – is nowhere near the top of your to-do list. But, as we've recently discovered, hidden among the lip syncs and dance challenges TikTok actually has a load of parenting content created by people right across the world.

It's worth downloading the app for the parenting hacks alone, which you can search for with hashtags just like on Instagram. On TikTok, searching #momhacks is the best shortcut to hacks that you can watch in just 15 seconds.

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From tips on changing nappies (pull the baby's onsie right up at the front and back and then button it to keep their arms safely out of reach), to the easiest way to carry a carseat (instead of grabbing the top, wrap your hand around the circular part at the bottom of the handle to give you maximum stability) to easing the pain for a teething baby (dip a soother in formula or breastmilk and freeze it to make a popsicle) there's so many clever things on here that we hadn't thought of.

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There's also lots of product recommendations from moms who have tried and tested everyday brands, and craft suggestions to make with older kids. When you get through those, try #dadhacks, #momhacks101, #toddlermom for more ideas.

And when it's time for a well-deserved break, check out #momlife and #momhacks101 for beauty tips and easy ways to treat yourself – or just other parenting fails to LOL along with.